Picky Eaters

Does anybody struggle with picky eaters at their house? We certainly do. With four kids, it seems like no matter what meal I make, somebody is unhappy. It’s the most frustrating thing EVER!

With our first, we really didn’t know what we were doing and there was only one of him, so we ended up making a meal for ourselves and then something for him that we knew he would eat. When #2 came along, we started to realize this was not going to work, especially since we knew there would be more kids in the future. Our pediatrician had a great idea for us and we’ve used it since then.

Have you ever read the book “Green Eggs and Ham”? Please tell me yes. If not, you need to get on that immediately! The moral of the story is that you can’t possibly say you don’t like something unless you’ve tried it. The majority of my kids’ dislikes of food come from it just being unfamiliar and they assume it will be gross. Enter the idea of the the “no thank you bite”. Before they can say they’re done, they have to take a bite of each thing on their plate. If they don’t care for it after trying it, they can simply say “No thank you” and be done. No more fighting, begging or pleading. No more kids saying, “Disgusting! Gross!! I’m NOT eating it!” They don’t have to eat it. They just have to try it. It’s the rule, and it’s non-negotiable.

I’ve noticed that without the struggle of me forcing them to eat things, they are more willing to admit that they like things after trying a bite. The power switches from parent to child when they know they can choose to finish it or not. Try it! I’d love to hear how it works in your home!

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