Life Hacks, Product Finds

Down to the Last Drop

This week, I was having trouble getting any more of my facial wash out of the tube. So frustrated because I hadn’t get ordered a replacement, I took matters into my own hands (in the form of scissors)!

I cut the tube and LOOK how much product was still inside! Honestly, that will probably last me a week. Plenty of time to get my next tube! I can slip the top half over the bottom half and it kinds of acts like a lid. Seriously, a game-changer. If you aren’t doing this with your products, you should be!

On a side note, any adult suffering from acne or breakouts, this stuff is a miracle. Since starting, I rarely break out. If I do, it’s a quick pimple that goes away quickly. You’d think after adolescence and having four children, I’d be exempt from the frustrations of acne, but nope. Somehow I think it got worse!

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